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Dog-A-Roo: Animal Joint & Healthcare

Dr Red is pleased to offer to our customers a product for their animal best friend. Our research group have been working with a new Brisbane based company, Forsythe Health, in the development of animal products to assist in the area of animal joint mobility using the Aged French Oak Extract.

The result is Dog-a-Roo.

Dog-a-Roo has been formulated in Australia for dogs as a result of investigating the power of Aged French Oak Extracts in animal joint Mobility Studies.

Combining Human Grade Kangaroo meat powder with the Aged French Oak Extract and a beef flavour, a simple to use powdered product was created. With an easy to use scoop, simply sprinkle the powder onto your pets food once daily and you should notice results within 2-10 days of use.

Benefits for your Dog

  • Increased mobility
  • Reduced Inflammation and pain
  • Improved skin, coat and nails
  • Improved Joint Health

Continue to use for long term relief

No known side effects

Suitable for all Dog Breeds

Directions of Use

Small Dog - 1 Level Scoop

Medium Dog - 2 Level Scoops

Large Dog - 3 Level Scoops

Up to 30 Serves per tub.