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Dr Red Green Tea

Spearole Loose Leaf Tea : Green Tea Base

NEW Tea Base. We have now sourced a new base Gunpowder Green Tea which has added an extra element to this ever popular tea. Being a larger rolled tea pearl, our new tea base unravels releasing a ever fresh Spearmint aroma.

Spearole Loose Leaf averaging 100 cups per packet based on Brewing Instructions of 1.5g per serve.
Spearole is a mix of Loose Leaf Green Tea, Oil of Spearmint and our Modified Polyphenol extract.
This combination delivers a refreshing , antioxidant enriched green tea.

Brewing Instructions:

Brew using one level teaspoon (1.5g) of Spearole per cup. For best results steep no longer than 2 minutes.


Green Tea (96%), Oil of Spearment, Aged French Oak Extract

Averaging 2.8% Caffeine by Dry Weight

150g Net

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