Dr Red Hibiscus Tea Infusion with Aged Oak Extract


Dr Red's Hibiscus Tea Infusion with Aged French Oak Extract. 

Made from the deep magenta-coloured calyces of the Rosella Flower, we have added our infamous Aged French Oak Extract for a more potent infusion. A refreshing and invigorating drink, it has a fruity, tart, cranberry-like flavour. Hibiscus Tea Infusion can be consumed hot or cold and can be sweetened if desired.

Hibiscus Tea Infusion is Caffeine Free and brimming with the antioxidants that Hibiscus sabdariffa are renowned for.

Pregnancy and Fertility: Hibiscus sabdariffa is not recommended for pregnant women, particularly due to its emmenagogue effects which may stimulate menstruation or blood flow in the uterus or pelvic region. For those undergoing hormonal treatments or taking birth control pills, it is recommended to consult your health specialist regarding consumption of Hibiscus sabdariffa tea, and let them give you a yes or no.

Blood Pressure: The health benefits of Hibiscus sabdariffa include lowering blood pressure (anti-hypertensive property). Therefore, it is not recommended for people that already have low blood pressure, a condition called hypotension. It may cause faintness, dizziness and can even damage the heart or brain if it is consumed by an individual with low blood pressure.