GP : Ginger Punch Concentrate 750 mls
GP : Ginger Punch Concentrate 750 mls
Dr Red Nutraceuticals

GP : Ginger Punch Concentrate 750 mls

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GP is a refreshing beverage concentrate comprised of Ginger & both Red and White Grape Juice Concentrates with Wine Grape Extract & Turmeric Extract produced with Dr Red Nutraceuticals’ patented naturally Modified Polyphenol Technology (MPT) process.

Made in Australia from Australian & Imported Ingredients.

Each 750mL bottle makes 30 glasses in mixed as directed.

Mixing Directions:

Shake bottle to disperse sediment throughout contents before pouring.
Dilute 1 part (25mL) GP with 6 parts (150mL) water.
Store in a Cool area prior to opening. Refrigerate after opening.

White Grape Concentrate
Red Grape Concentrate
Ginger Extract (12.5%)
Fresh Ginger Juice (12.5%)
Turmeric Extract
Grape Extract
Aged Oak Extract
Vitamin C (E300)
Food Acid (E330)
Preservative (E223, E202)
Contains Sulphites

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