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BPT is a refreshing beverage concentrate comprised of Blueberry, Purple Carrot and Turmeric Extract & Wine Grape Extract produced with Dr Red Nutraceuticals’ patented naturally Modified Polyphenol Technology (MPT) process. It is the strongest formulation of all the Punch Concentrate Range.

Made in Australia from Australian and Imported Ingredients.

Each 750mL bottle makes 30 glasses when mixed as directed.

Mixing Directions:

Shake bottle to disperse sediment throughout contents before pouring.
Dilute 1 part (25mL) BPT with 6 parts (150mL) water.
Store in a Cool area prior to opening. Refrigerate after opening.


Purple Carrot Juice Concentrate (70%),
Blueberry Concentrate (15%)
Turmeric & Aged French Oak Extract (15%)
Vitamin C (E300)
Preservative (E223)
Contains Sulphites

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