Our Story So Far....

Beginning in 2003, Dr Red began as the brainchild of Greg Jardine who created the world's first anti-oxidant enriched wine at his vineyard in Brisbane. With the media attention given at this time to anything containing extra antioxidants and in particular those coming from the wine grape, he was inundated with people wanting a product that could deliver health outcomes.

After much soul searching he met with Katrina Orchard and the researching of the potential of food to be used as medicine began. With many research papers read and many long months of data collection and extraction of potential foods, the first samples were sent to QIMR in Brisbane. Although the results were inconsistent we were on the right path. 

We set ourselves some guidelines for the creation of potential products. These were to stay as a food & beverage product, they had to taste good and they had to all go through the research and testing protocols we had set up with our research partners. 

The next few months saw us once again go back to researching and rethinking the extraction processes of our selected foods. The next set of samples were taken down to Sydney University for testing and the long and arduous road to prove that Food can be used as Medicine was well underway with very positive results.

Over the coming years we were quick to learn that the Australian regulatory bodies were not ready for such an industry as we were creating and hence saw ourselves defending our stance in court but this did not perturb our resolve to continue on and discover old foods that could be cultivated today to add to our already diverse range of products. Restrictions were placed on what we could communicate to the public which resulted in our not being able to communicate our testing program or the results. 

With the addition of the facility at Delaneys Creek, north of Brisbane we moved production away from the original site at Jollys Lookout and began the cultivation of the purple carrot, rosella, turmeric and tarragon as well as 13 acres of old vines which came with the property. We developed the manufacturing facility and diverse processing machinery as we were not able to locate items to suit our needs.

This led to the development of products that we had not considered previously such as the new tea range. Spearole Tea fast became our major product due to the massive media response from both television & print media as well as being awarded the Innovation Award at the International Tea & Health Conference held in Dubai in 2009.

We continued developing extracts and working with Nutradry in Brisbane we created a range of crystalline products from our liquid range which were dried then could be rehydrated into drinks with the addition of water. Our Purple Carrot and Olive Leaf Extract crystals were the first product to make olive leaf extract palatable. In September 2010 we were again having to justify ourselves to the regulatory body over our use of Olive Leaf Extract in a food product. Although we had been using Olive Leaf in our products since inception in 2003 it was only now that it apparently had been deemed not a food by the regulatory bodies. It is interesting to note that other food companies were not advised of this and are still using Olive Leaf Extract in their food products to this day.

When one door closes another opens or so the saying goes. We had to quickly introduce our next new technology 12 months ahead of schedule, reformulate the entire product range and discard a lot of product as well as redesign packaging and introduce this to the public who had supported us all along.

This saw Modified Polyphenol Technology or MPT for short, came into the forefront of all our processing. It was developed from the culmination of 2 years dissecting all our test data, both the failures and successes, to ascertain the idiosyncrasies that made each extract and product tested unique. The result of all this led to the production of our Modified Polyphenol Patent and development of the MP Tea range of black teas.  

From having taken the strength of the extracts in food as far as we could, we began working on a capsule product and as we are unable to produce these products as a food producer, we created Jardine Pharmaceuticals to take up the new complementary medicine range. Headed by Greg Jardine, developments are underway in a new range of products of which the Polypill range is just the beginning.

Most recently in early 2016, we have yet again made further discoveries in both food polyphenols and extraction processes which has led to the further potency of the Modified Polyphenol Extract. In August 2016 we have developed an Aged Green Tea Extract which has been launched in the next generation Jardine Pharmaceuticals Polypill range, Polypill GT, and the new MP Tea Spearole in the Dr Red tea range.

Initial feedback from those who have trialled is remarkable with pain relief from MP Tea Spearole being reported within 15-20 mins after drinking the first cup, and 2-3 hours with the Polypill GT.  We are still aiming to achieve greater potency with these formulations.

Stay Tuned for the new developments.